Kloxo 6.1.7 pre-release 5 (20110928)  

Posted by Daniela Mehler

Another pre-release of Kloxo 6.1.7 is available. Kloxo is a free webhosting software for CentOS to manage clients, resellers, databases, traffic, domains, mail and IPs across multiple locations. Most codes for Kloxo 6.1.7 already to be release. But, before release need help from users to participate in test. Why?. The reason is many features in 6.1.7, especially reconstruct apache and lighttpd config structures. With this new structure, apache and lighttpd more 'customize' then previous. What new in Kloxo 6.1.7 (http://project.lxcenter.org/projects/kloxo/roadmap): 1. New structures for apache and lighttpd 2. More options on 'PHP type' in Apache, add: - mod_php_ruid2 and mod_php_itk --> mod_php with secure environment - suphp_worker and suphp_event --> suphp running on httpd-worker or httpd-event; on previous only httpd-prefork 3. Fix bugs: - xcache install - database for horde and roundcube - missing images - parked, redirect and webmail webserver config - NEW! - etc 4. Bonus: - Running well on 64bit (still have some issues; mostly IMAP problem)--> solve for IMAP problem - New layout for default/disable/cp/webmail pages - Possibility change logo on new pages - new scripts for optimize (apache-optimize, mysql-convert, mysql-optimize, fix-chownchmod, clearcache) - new scripts for install (kloxo-installer.sh, kloxo-packer.sh and kloxo-patcher.sh) - modified and new scripts (fixwebmail.sh, fixhorde.sh and fixroundcube.sh) - Can install old version - NEW! - etc WARNING: backup data before testing!!! 1. kloxo pre-install 1.1. Download: cd /tmp wget "http://forum.lxcenter.org/index.php?t=getfile&id=1457" mv index.php* kloxo_pre6.1.7.zip unzip kloxo_pre6.1.7.zip 1.2. Before kloxo install: cd /tmp/pre-install sh preinstall.sh 2. Kloxo install: 2.1 New/fresh kloxo install cd /tmp/kloxo cp -rf /tmp/kloxo/patch/kloxo-install/kloxo-packer.sh ./ sh kloxo-packer.sh --svnpath=branches/6.1.x cd ./ready sh kloxo-installer.sh --type=master reboot OR 2.2 Patch on kloxo 6.1.6 already installed cd /tmp/kloxo cp -rf /tmp/kloxo/patch/kloxo-install/kloxo-patcher.sh ./ sh kloxo-patcher.sh --type=master reboot 3. Before testing ruid2 and itk cd /tmp/kloxo cp -rf /kloxo/patch/extra-repo/*repo /etc/yum.repos.d/ - delete this kloxo-custom.repo when Kloxo 6.1.7 release

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