Ubuntu 11.10 Server tames cloud with Juju, Openstack, says review  

Posted by Daniela Mehler

Ubuntu Server 11.10 is more compelling than as ever as a Linux distribution for cloud deployments, says this eWEEK Labs review. A lack of updated documentation and some other rough edges give pause, but the new Juju cloud deployment framework and tighter OpenStack integration should make "Oneiric Ocelot" a winner when it arrives in its LTS version in April.

Ubuntu 11.10 Server tames cloud with Juju, Openstack, says review

With its cloud focus and lack of license fees, Ubuntu has flourished in the cloud, becoming a popular guest operating system on Amazon EC2 and other infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) options. Ubuntu also tends to be the reference OS of choice for the OpenStack and Cloud Foundry projects.

Based on eWEEK Labs' latest tests of Ubuntu Server 11.10 ("Oneiric Ocelot") -- released yesterday along with the desktop version (pictured) -- Ubuntu's cloud-attractiveness shows no sign of abating. The new version is packed with tools for building, orchestrating and running on clouds, both private and public. These include tighter integration with OpenStack, as well as a new Juju framework (see video demo below).

For the full story, click on this eWEEK Labs Ubuntu 11.10 Server review .

Ubuntu 11.10 demo of Ensemble (now called "Juju") on YouTube
Source: Ubuntu project
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Jason Brooks is Editor-in-Chief for eWEEK Labs.

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