Gnome Partition Editor: The Dearly GParted  

Posted by Daniela Mehler

Linux Magazine takes a look at GParted

Last week, you found Ten Essential Linux Admin Tools with which to familiarize yourself. But, don’t overwhelm yourself with self-discovery of all ten, because this week you’ll learn one of those tools, GParted. It is a powerful ally to those who handle it with wisdom and restraint and a harsh mistress to those who throw caution to the wind.

GParted is the Gnome Partition Editor. With it, you can create, reorganize and delete disk partitions. Generally speaking, it preserves the contents of those partitions but there is a potential for loss. Its most common usage is for those who want to resize disk partitions–a task that it performs very well.

Gnome Partition Editor: The Dearly GParted

The Dearly GParted

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